What Causes Hemorrhoids?

There is a big difference between the one who knows and the one who doesn’t. One of the major differences is that the one who is highly informed will always find an easy way out of any situation. Did you know you could be halfway towards solving or preventing a minor or major health issue just by understanding its causes? In this article, we are about to learn a few of what causes hemorrhoids or piles.

It is not particularly clear what causes hemorrhoids as there are several theories yet to be supported by experiments. However, one could say that it is caused by several factors such as the ones that would be explained as we progress in this article. Some suspected causes include; inadequate fiber intake, chronic straining to have bowel movement, and prolonged sitting on the toilet.

Pregnancy– hormonal changes during pregnancy could certainly increase blood flow to the pelvis, which relaxes the supportive tissues. The growing fetus causes sustained pressure on the blood vessels. It is understood that hemorrhoids may develop as a result of sustained pressure on the anal area during labour.

Medical issues/conditions– people with long term medical conditions such as heart and liver diseases could result in blood to pool in the abdomen as well as the pelvic area thereby enlarging the veins.

Rushing to complete bowel movement– hurrying to complete bowel movement could also lead to excessive straining and increase pressure on the rectal veins.

Diarrhea/constipation– prolonged diarrhea and constipation can also be described as one of suspected causes of hemorrhoids. This is possible because it could lead to increase pressure and straining on veins in the anal canal.

Aging– this is another common cause of piles that usually develops as one continues to advance in age. Most

Heredity– people are also known to inherit piles; and this is also one of the very common causes.

Sitting improperly– sitting improperly on the toilet is also one of the most talked about causes of piles.

Stress– a lot of us go through several work-related stresses every day, which could also be one of several factors that cause piles.

Some of those causes can however, be prevented, while some can be minimized. With a couple of tips, vast number of piles can be remedied by a few natural tips that include intake of adequate fluids, consumption of foods and vegetables rich in fiber, and not trying to force a bowel movement among several others.


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