Surgical Options To Remove Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid surgeryIn most cases, surgery is considered the last option when it comes to piles. It is usually not seen as the best option unless it has become too large or bleeding gets out of hand. As a matter of fact, one can treat the condition just by changing diets or lifestyle, good hygiene, and topical medication.

However, this article is simply about how to remove hemorrhoids through various surgical methods available.

Conditions For Surgery

Surgery should only be considered when cases of piles have degenerated into unrestricted bleeding and when they become too large. People with serious pain could also consider this an option.

Surgical Options

Here are a couple of options


This involves using a particular type of laser beam to burn away the pile tissue. It is usually expensive, and sometimes risky.


This is a process of destroying the shrinks and destroying the piles through a chemical that is injected around the blood vessel.


To remove hemorrhoids through this method, doctors make incisions around the anus in order to severe or cut away the piles. This method is always considered too risky since incisions are made around areas that are considered highly sensitive. Besides, Hemorrhoidectomy is very expensive, and might be out of reach of people whose income is very low.

Procedure for Prolapse & Hemorrhoids (PPH)

This is an invasive procedure that is used for treating piles or prolapse, which is a condition where the anal tissue slips down out of the anal canal. This procedure is also used to cut of the blood supply, which eventually helps to kill the hemorrhoids.


This involves placing a rubber band around the base of the piles in order to cut off the supply of blood, thereby killing the tissue. To reduce pain, this is usually done around areas where pain receptors are less.


It is believed that some of these methods to remove hemorrhoid might result in less pain, one should not ignore the importance of consulting a doctor. Having said that, please note that every surgery has some elements of risk that should not be ignored. Some of the risks and demerits of these methods include the following:

• Bleeding- some of these methods could lead to prolonged and uncontrolled bleeding.

• Reaction to anaesthesia- the possibility of reacting to anaesthesia during especially during Hemorrhoidectomy might not be ruled out.

• Highly expensive- some of these procedures are also very expensive, and may be a bit out of the reach of a few people.

Please consult your doctor before opting for any of these methods when you want to remove hemorrhoids.


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