Reviewing Various Options For Treating Hemorrhoids

So many acclaimed writers and medical experts have suggested several options for treating hemorrhoids; but you need to understand the one that is most suitable to your condition. We will explore some of these options in order to help you make your choice without breaking a sweat.

Preventing or reducing piles is one of the best ways to tackle this issue; but what to do in case you are already suffering from pains is what we want to review in the next few paragraphs. Some of the popular ways for treating hemorrhoids include the following; change in diet, fixative procedures, over-the-counter treatment, home treatment, and surgery.

Change In Diet- most piles do not really require surgery because a simple change in diet could be all you need. Some of the habits you might want to consider changing or adopting to cure or treat piles include the following; eating foods rich in fibre, avoiding prolonged sitting or standing at a particular position, only go to the toilet when there is a urge, and taking a lot of fluid.

Fixative Procedures- this method involves tying off the piles with a rubber band or lasers to create scar tissue. This is necessary to reduce blood supply to the hemorrhoid in order to make it go away. This method is only effective when piles are still very small, and when they stick out of the anus during bowel movement.

Over-The-Counter Treatments- in most cases, piles can be irritating, itchy, and can be treated with some over-the-counter medications even without prescriptions. However, sorting out a vast amount of medications out there can be a huge challenge. Not all medications are safe, which means you have to be careful when choosing the right option. Please consult your pharmacist or physician before making your purchase.

Home Treatment- there are several methods you could try at home when it comes to treating hemorrhoids. Some of these home treatments include the following; drinking of plenty of fluids, increasing your fibre intake through the use of bulk laxative, place ice packs on the rectum for a brief period, soak your rectum in warm water for 15 minutes at least twice each day, and many more.

Hemorrhoids Surgery there are several ways of treating hemorrhoids through surgeries. Some of these ways include the following: haemorrhoidectomy, which is a method of removing the piles; hemorrhoidal artery ligation, which is an operation to reduce the blood flow to piles; laser treatment; and Stapling, which is used in treating prolapsed hemorrhoids.

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