Best Ways To Stop Bleeding Piles

When the degree of inflammation and irritation of hemorrhoidal tissues reaches a level that leads to ruptures; it can degenerate into bleeding piles. Besides the pain that should be stopped as soon as you can; one of the things you should also urgently pay attention to is bleeding. As a matter of fact, your ability to stop or reduce bleeding will hasten the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Your ability to quickly or urgently stop bleeding piles will also help you to prevent certain infections that could arise. Infections cannot be totally ruled out in such conditions, and it is recommended to consider the following tips to get a soothing and lasting relief.

• Avoid Scratching/Itching- asking someone suffering from piles not to scratch or itch could be one of the most difficult things to do; but it is one of the best ways to stop flow of blood. Regular itching or scratching could aggravate the situation, which could also prolong the pain you go through. Scratching will no doubt bring some temporary relief to the affected area; but the pain thereafter could last much longer.

• Apply ointments and creams- there are special or specific ointments or creams formulated for that purpose, and you can find or buy them over-the-counter. While there are several of such creams and ointments to choose from in the pharmacy; you should never be careful before making your purchase.

• Soak in warm water- soak the piles in warm water for about 15 or 20 minutes at least three times each day. The essence of this method is to calm and soothe the inflammation, which will eventually reduce flow of blood.

• Sitz bath- this is a kind of device that enables you to enjoy stream of water to the affected part. This is also capable of reducing bleeding piles; especially if you do this a couple of times everyday.

• Cold compresses- you can also reduce or stop blood flow by simply applying cold compresses to the anus. This helps to reduce the growth of lesions on the inflamed tissue; thereby reducing bleeding.

• Ligation- this is a method that involves using a rubber band to tie off the swollen veins; and the goal is to stop blood from being supplied, which eventually lets the pile to fall off.

• Surgery- this should be the last option for anyone suffering from hemorrhoids. It can be used to stop bleeding piles as well as treating a condition that has aggravated. It is usually expensive, risky, and may not be the best solution after all.



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